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Letters From The Earth

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April 27, 2007
During a recent AWA conference on release liners, Corey Reardon, principal of AWA, summarized the key factors affecting global demand for liners. His final slide was titled, "Threats". There were three: linerless labels, waste and alternative technol…  Read More »
February 27, 2007
During the last several months I've traveled to Russia, India and five or six countries in Europe. All of my travels are driven by business, not by some whimsical curiosity. I visit converters, press manufacturers, laminators, coaters, paper mills, a…  Read More »
November 1, 2006
Sustainable packaging, sustainability, corporate responsibility, corporate social responsibility, environmental coalitions, and on and on, ad nauseum. What about "best practices"? What is all of this? Are these mere buzz words? Are these colloquialis…  Read More »
August 28, 2006
Would it be too presumptuous to ask your indulgence as I scroll through a few environmental news briefs? I believe it will help set the stage for the continuing need for change that will make us a better industry. Remember, these are "Letters from th…  Read More »
July 17, 2006
A few weeks ago I attended a global warming conference. Because I read and constantly hear about the loss of water tables, wind energy, environmental taxation, lack of environmental leadership in Washington, the decline of oil, and on and on ad nause…  Read More »
May 11, 2006
I've just returned from chairing a roundtable forum in Europe on liner recycling. The forum was part of an AWA Alexander Watson Associates conference on release liners and, with only one exception, was attended by representatives of all parts of the…  Read More »
March 3, 2006
Letters from the Earth is a rather ubiquitous column. It allows the author plenty of liberal editorializing. While topics are or should be generally "green", the column can engage readers in any area of environment or health or safety. Or, at least,…  Read More »
November 28, 2005
I thought it appropriate to end the year with a holiday message, one that demonstrates the complexities of eco-economy. It begins with a conversation between God and St. Francis of Assisi. God: "You know all about gardens and nature. What's going…  Read More »
October 18, 2005
In the past several issues of Label & Narrow Web I've tried to encourage you to develop habits and practices when using pressure sensitive label materials that will improve our environment. If I've caused just one of you to stop and think about m…  Read More »
September 8, 2005
The first and simplest answer is, of course, that I write under the name "Letters from the Earth."  (Has anyone figured that out?)! Second, most of us are from the industry and are pretty familiar with adhesives.  At least we think we are.&…  Read More »

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