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Printing Lean

July 22, 2008
Throughout the past year we've discussed many topics related to Lean and printing and have even answered a few questions along the way (keep those coming). Many questions have had one central theme: "How? How do I get started?" Well, with a single ph…  Read More »
May 13, 2008
Over the past several months we've been discussing Lean as a business model that eschews waste. One of the more common wastes is the obvious waste of physical product – paper, ink, solvents, packaging, etc. It only makes sense, then, that if we…  Read More »
March 14, 2008
Over the past several months we've discussed several tools of Lean as they apply to the printing industry. We've looked at creating a safer, cleaner, better organized workplace using 5S: "seeing" wast…  Read More »
January 15, 2008
It happens every time I visit a client. "Here's our kanban", they exclaim and I, naturally, start looking around for a card, or a sign, or a signal of some sort. In other words, I start looking for a kanban. When I ask where this mysterious kanban is…  Read More »
November 2, 2007
Last issue we talked about Value Stream Mapping and how value stream maps (also known as "material and information flow diagrams") can help you "see" extraordinary amounts of waste inherent in your system. These are caused by: Overproduction: Prod…  Read More »
September 27, 2007
Last issue we explored the subject of waste and how easy it can be to get started on eliminating much of the wastes that exist in print shops today. The key, if you remember, is that in order to eliminate these wastes you must first be able to see th…  Read More »
August 31, 2007
We took a look in the last issue at something that everyone can see — inventory. This time we're tackling another topic that everyone has seen but most have probably overlooked: waste. I'm not talking about material you can't use or sell. I'm t…  Read More »
June 28, 2007
Rising oil costs are socking everyone in the wallet, and converters are not immune to the effects. Oil costs impact many line items on a converter's P&L, including raw material, utilities and freight. Petroleum and its derivatives are used:…  Read More »

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