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  • Words and Labels

    Words and Labels

    Proofreading, court challenges and … LSD?
    Jack Kenny 05.20.16

  • Freshness detection: Ripe for inventors

    Freshness detection: Ripe for inventors

    This morning I went shopping for groceries. The sell-by date on the milk is five days from now. Both the package of cookies and the container of  V8 juice are stamped October 2016, letting me know that each has enough chemistry to keep them &ldq…
    Jack Kenny 03.21.16

  • Time and Temperature

    Technology marches on for critical detection of temperature change and elapsed time.

  • Clean Manufacturing

    A sparkling plant improves work, product and sales.
    Jack Kenny 11.21.13

  • The little guys

    Small label shops carry on in an increasingly complex century.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 07.17.13

  • Profit from regulation

    The continuing expansion of nutritional labeling means business for converters.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 03.13.13

  • SKU proliferation

    A new study shows that the pain of short run production is not limited to label converters.
    Jack Kenny 10.09.12