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  • The Pursuit of Security Packaging

    The Pursuit of Security Packaging

    In 2015, the security printing firm Sekuworks quietly closed its doors. For a decade or so, the company had focused on providing anti-counterfeiting methods, tamper indicating labels and other brand protection devices, though its most prized offering…
    Jack Kenny 07.15.16

  • Freshness detection: Ripe for inventors

    Freshness detection: Ripe for inventors

    This morning I went shopping for groceries. The sell-by date on the milk is five days from now. Both the package of cookies and the container of  V8 juice are stamped October 2016, letting me know that each has enough chemistry to keep them &ldq…
    Jack Kenny 03.21.16

  • Forecasts for 2016

    Think back to the year 2000. Now ask yourself if you ever in the slightest foresaw the communications leaps that occurred in our society between then and now. Sixteen years, and look where we are now. The changes in telecom and digital technology are…
    Jack Kenny 01.25.16

  • Qualities of successful sellers and buyers

    Bringing together two well-matched companies for a successful merger or acquisition is the ultimate satisfaction for a business broker. Over the years, I have found that successful buying and selling companies have subtle attributes that improve the…
    Rock LaManna 10.13.15

  • Twenty years ago: A look back

    From art to science, an industry evolves quickly.
    Jack Kenny 01.26.15

  • Nutrition Facts: Big changes coming?

    Nutrition Facts: Big changes coming?

    The US government and Big Food have their own ideas about nutrient info.
    Jack Kenny 07.21.14

  • Time and Temperature

    Technology marches on for critical detection of temperature change and elapsed time.

  • Join the Industry

    Trade shows and associations are critical to individual and industry success.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 03.13.14

  • Profit from regulation

    The continuing expansion of nutritional labeling means business for converters.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 03.13.13