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  • Delta ModTech features precision converting and finishing

    The Crusader features tight tolerance diecutting, multi-layer lamination, precise part placement and the INTELLI-MOD system.

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    Laser Diecutting

    Laser Diecutting

    Ideal for the short run, digital print market, the technology is picking up steam.
    Steve Katz, Editor 09.09.14

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    Grafix Equipment launches IML diecutting system

    The Grafix Cut and Capture System is capable of full rotary diecutting of any difficult IML material while eliminating the need for additional machinery.

  • System upgrade

    System upgrade Surfscan Technologies Cardiff South Wales UK Surfscan Technologies has upgraded its Checkmate diecut label inspection system. The upgrade is suited to the inspection of matrix stripped diecut labels. Surfscan has now incorporated fo…

  • Static neutralizer

    Static neutralizer Ion Industrial Windsor Locks CT USA The Virtual AC Static Neutralizer provides long range control of static charges. The neutralizers come with real-time electronic performance display. Digital or analog interface is avail…

  • Diecutting inspection rewinders

    Diecutting inspection rewinders Bar Graphic Machinery Bradford, UK The new additions to the Elite diecutting inspection rewinder line include a new dual diecut version of the Elite 250D Die Cut Inspection Rewinder. It features a removable anvil, a…

  • Dust collector

    Dust collector Maxson Automatic Machinery Westerly RI USA The PEN MAM Dust Collector is a sheet cleaning system designed to relieve sheeting operations from dust related blemishes. It features a filtered dust box, which traps particles as small as…

  • Metalized paper sheeter

    Metalized paper sheeter Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly, RI USA The cutter, delivery and stacking systems are specifically designed to achieve higher speeds while minimizing scratching, thereby providing a high quality, press ready pro…

  • Airfoil overlap system

    Airfoil overlap system Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly, RI USA The airfoil overlap system is a patented design that utilizes the principles of fluid mechanics to achieve safe, reliable jam free performance at the point of overlap on h…

  • Re-registration system

    Re-registration system Focus Label Machinery Nottingham, England The automatic re-registration system allows pre-printed webs to be varnished, laminated, diecut or overprinted to very tight tolerances. Using a printed mark, the web feed system com…