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  • Things are never as good or bad as they seem

    In the printing business, there will be winners and losers – but your future is not predestined.
    Rock LaManna 08.01.17

  • What, when, why and how should you invest in a new product?

    When I attended this year’s Labelexpo and Pack Expo, I was dazzled by the amount of new products being offered in the marketplace. It made me think: What is the process these companies go through to green-light a new product? Or more importantl…
    Rock LaManna 01.20.17

  • Eight things you can do right now to avoid past due accounts

    Does this sound familiar? We tally up all the costs of a project for a new customer, calculate our markup, add in unexpected fees for fixing a customer file, and charge for a rush delivery. We nervously shave off a few dollars to try to gauge what a…
    Rock LaManna 10.14.16

  • Pharma Labels: What doesn’t kill you will make you wealthy

    Pharma Labels: What doesn’t kill you will make you wealthy

    In 2002, a documentary called Spellbound followed a group of school-age children as they trained and competed in a national spelling bee. The students worked endlessly in preparation for the event, memorizing and learning the origins of thousands of…

  • Label News: The cost of GMO labeling

    Label News: The cost of GMO labeling

    The debate rages on, but few are actually clear on how much this could cost consumers (as well as converters).
    Online Exclusives Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 05.27.14

  • Label News: United we stand, divided we label

    Label News: United we stand, divided we label

    Several states are moving forward with plans to label genetically modified foods, but would a singular, federal standard be best for consumers?
    Online Exclusives Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 04.22.14

  • Building a label business in Brazil

    Should the phrase “Go West, young man,” be replaced with, “Go to Brazil, label printers?” The booming label market in Latin America, particularly Brazil, has label and narrow web printers looking for an answer. That phrase &l…
    Rock LaManna 01.24.14

  • A label printing co-op

    A label printing co-op

    At first glance, you’d think the main reason to join the printing co-operative Flexo Label Advantage Group (FLAG) is to save money. It is a reason, without a doubt, but as FLAG President and CEO John McKay notes, what the co-op offers is someth…
    Rock LaManna 11.21.13

  • Lessons from Print 13: It’s about more than machines and technology

    Print 13 and CPP Expo recently concluded in Chicago, and the trade show validated something many of us have been saying for years: The label industry is a very good place to be. Print 13 is geared mainly toward commercial printers. This year Print 1…
    Rock LaManna 10.14.13

  • Beware the Lottery Strategy

    Pot-of-gold thinking can crash a merger and acquisition.
    Rock LaManna 10.09.12