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    Grafix Equipment launches IML diecutting system

    The Grafix Cut and Capture System is capable of full rotary diecutting of any difficult IML material while eliminating the need for additional machinery.

  • Control system

    Control system Catbridge Parsippany NJ USA The CBM-1 Advanced Control System integrates the full range of machine controls into a single networking package. It operates over a high speed Ethernet connection and is based on the IEC 1131 platform.…

  • Automatic squaring system

    Automatic squaring system Maxson Automatic Machinery Westerly RI USA The company is offering an automatic squaring system on its stationary bed knife cutters, or as a retrofit to existing sheeting equipment. An AC servomotor, mounted on a gear hea…

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    Dust collector Maxson Automatic Machinery Westerly RI USA The PEN MAM Dust Collector is a sheet cleaning system designed to relieve sheeting operations from dust related blemishes. It features a filtered dust box, which traps particles as small as…

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    Turret rewinder, butt splicer CTC International West Caldwell NJ USA Suited for a variety of materials, the “Small Wonder” turret rewinder operates directly inline with a press, allowing single pass non-stop roll label production. The…

  • Dual slitter

    Dual slitter Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly RI USA Designed to permit high production sheeting, the dual slitter rig station includes two banks of slitter rigs mounted over one another, infeed and outfeed rolls, and an AC drive mou…

  • Metalized paper sheeter

    Metalized paper sheeter Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly, RI USA The cutter, delivery and stacking systems are specifically designed to achieve higher speeds while minimizing scratching, thereby providing a high quality, press ready pro…