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  • The times they are-a-changing – back to what they were

    You have only to open a newspaper to know that money is slopping around the European economy like water in an overfilled bathtub. Insecurity about the continent’s future breeds caution, and caution means putting off non-essential investment. De…
    John Penhallow 10.14.16

  • Digital Printing | Europe | Flexography
    Beyond pressure sensitive

    Beyond pressure sensitive

    Time was, men were men and labels were labels. You knew where you were then. If you were a pressure sensitive label converter, you made PS labels. Period. And if you were a label press manufacturer, you made special presses that were quite different…
    John Penhallow 09.07.15

  • Getting certified

    Getting certified

    Some things change: in the recent weeks of unseasonably mild, sunny weather, many citizens of Western Europe have changed over to thinking that maybe global warming isn’t such a bad thing after all. However this early spring has come right on t…
    John Penhallow 04.15.14

  • Strong, local converters resist consolidation

    Strong, local converters resist consolidation

    While M&A's are happening with larger label companies, the trend is yet to reach many smaller businesses.
    Online Exclusives Rock LaManna 07.01.13

  • How to Get Along Better With Your Banker

    How to Get Along Better With Your Banker

    Communication is key to keeping this relationship healthy.
    Online Exclusives Rock LaManna 05.14.13

  • Companies to Watch

    Companies to Watch

    Companies to Watch is a special feature of Label & Narrow Web that pays tribute to a select group of converters who are making noteworthy contributions to the health of the industry.

  • Press on regardless

    Take a trip round the websites of the principal manufacturers of conventional label presses in continental Europe and you will experience a deafening silence on the subject of new presses sold since the start of 2009. This may be a sign of discretion…
    John Penhallow 03.31.09

  • Flexible Packaging  | Flexography | Folding Carton | Food Labels | India | Industrial Labels | Ink and Coatings | Security Labels | Smart Labels | Wine Labels
    Gopsons Papers Limited

    Gopsons Papers Limited

    A diverse product portfolio and strong market positioning are keys to the success of this Indian printing enterprise.
    Steve Katz 01.14.09

  • Specialist vs. generalist

    Here is an interesting ornithological fact: Certain birds of prey have features that have evolved over time which enable them to hunt for kinds of food other birds are unable to even pursue. The osprey, for example, has eyes with a particular trait t…