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  • What, when, why and how should you invest in a new product?

    When I attended this year’s Labelexpo and Pack Expo, I was dazzled by the amount of new products being offered in the marketplace. It made me think: What is the process these companies go through to green-light a new product? Or more importantl…
    Rock LaManna 01.20.17

  • Digital Printers & Presses | Digital Printing | Label Finishing Equipment | North America
    Narrow Web Profile:

    Narrow Web Profile:

    Proprietary software and a mastery of e-commerce are the hallmarks of this New York-based label company.
    Steve Katz, Editor 04.08.16

  • Economic Report

    With the help of three industry experts, we take a glance at M&A activity, the job market and the outlook for flexography.
    Steve Katz, Editor 07.21.15

  • Narrow Web Profile: CT Labeling Solutions

    Narrow Web Profile: CT Labeling Solutions

    After years in the corporate sector, Kevin Peterson broke out on his own – and is enjoying small business success.
    Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 07.21.14

  • Narrow Web Profile:  Label King

    Narrow Web Profile: Label King

    Always striving to learn and improve, this San Diego converter keeps growing.
    Steve Katz, Editor 04.15.14

  • Why the smart but unhealthy label company failed

    Why the smart but unhealthy label company failed

    Nothing commands respect like intelligence in the business arena. We constantly seek out the smartest people to hire, we want our smartest people running the company, and we strive to outsmart the competition. But you should actually focus on your c…
    Rock LaManna 04.10.13

  • Music, nature and measurement

    Dave Brubeck died. Many of you may not know him. Many of you may not recognize his sound, his music. Those who knew him and listened to his sound realize he was a genius. In my view, he was as creative and innovative as the three B’s: Bach, Bra…
    Calvin Frost 01.23.13

  • I like it, I’ll take five

    I like it, I’ll take five

    Rako, one of Germany’s top label and packaging converters, is back in the news again. In September of this year they announced that they had bought no less than five of HP Indigo’s latest label press, the WS6600. Roger Gehrke, Rako&rsq…
    John Penhallow, Contributing Editor 11.29.12

  • Don’t go Lean

    Don’t go Lean

    That got your attention, didn’t it? What on earth do I mean, don’t go Lean?
    Tom Southworth 04.19.12

  • CDI upgrades

    CDI upgrades News was given on the progress of Cyrel Digital Imaging (CDI) platesetters. Since 1995 a total of 220 CDIs have been sold out of a total CTP population of 270 machines. DuPont looks forward to the concept of using satellite platesetters…