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  • Words and Labels

    Words and Labels

    Proofreading, court challenges and … LSD?
    Jack Kenny 05.20.16

  • Forecasts for 2016

    Think back to the year 2000. Now ask yourself if you ever in the slightest foresaw the communications leaps that occurred in our society between then and now. Sixteen years, and look where we are now. The changes in telecom and digital technology are…
    Jack Kenny 01.25.16

  • More beer: Limitless label opportunities

    The dizzying growth of the beer industry can be a bonanza for converters.
    Jack Kenny 09.07.15

  • Color and branding

    Can you trademark a packaging color? Maybe, maybe not.
    Jack Kenny 03.09.15

  • ‘Natural’ labels taking legal heat

    A hundred lawsuits lead food marketers to back off on some claims.
    Jack Kenny 11.17.14

  • Time and Temperature

    Technology marches on for critical detection of temperature change and elapsed time.

  • Science and glue

    Science and glue

    Lab masters study nature, babies and tape for new ideas.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 10.14.13

  • New sticker makes humans invisible (to mosquitos)

    New sticker makes humans invisible (to mosquitos)

    A California team pits a self-adhesive patch against the disease-bearing insects.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 09.13.13

  • Profit from regulation

    The continuing expansion of nutritional labeling means business for converters.
    Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor 03.13.13