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  • MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

    MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

    International Sales Department 03.30.17

  • Words and Labels

    Words and Labels

    Proofreading, court challenges and … LSD?
    Jack Kenny 05.20.16

  • Adhesives without petrochemicals

    Scientists look for answers in nature, and they’re finding a lot of glue.
    Jack Kenny 10.13.15

  • Color and branding

    Can you trademark a packaging color? Maybe, maybe not.
    Jack Kenny 03.09.15

  • Beverage labels hauled into court

    Lawsuits rise in the US against claims made on labels.
    Jack Kenny 10.10.14

  • Digital’s steady growth

    Digital’s steady growth

    A necessity in today’s label shop, digital print continues its advance.
    Jack Kenny 09.09.14

  • Still thinking about Lean?

    A few basics about a complex process that could change your bottom line.
    Jack Kenny 04.15.14

  • Static bar checker

    Static bar checker SIMCO INDUSTRIAL STATIC CONTROL Hatfield, PA USA The static bar checker is an accurate, easy to use device which allows you to quickly determine if your static bar is working. It can be used on both shockless and “hot&…