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  • The case for sales collateral

    The case for sales collateral

    Do print sales collaterals still have a place in today’s world? Many of our customers have ready access to any information they want thanks to the internet. Has that influenced how print sales collaterals are used? Absolutely. Does that mean th…
    James Lowry and Christy Correll 05.24.12

  • Branding


    What’s in a (brand) name?
    James Lowry and Christy Correll 04.19.12

  • Accepting the QR code culture

    James’ Take: QR codes are becoming very popular in our culture, which is not surprising because of their popularity in the Asian and European countries for years. They take advantage of technology that is becoming readily available, especially…
    James Lowry and Christy Correll 01.18.12

  • When it comes to advertising …

    Evoking emotions = more conversions
    James Lowry & Christy Correll 11.18.11

  • Print vs. Pixels

    Print & online advertising: Which is better for your business?

  • Tracking the Competition

    In our last column, we covered how to manager customer perception. Today, let's talk about identifying your competition and positioning yourself for success. In the business world, we must also get to know the competition in order to position ours…

  • Order custom labels with free iPhone app

    Denver converter Lightning Labels launches a free iPhone application that allows customers to order a wide range of labels in under a minute.

  • Opinions


    Need the formula for success? Join our experts as they offer their perspectives on the most relevant issues affecting the industry today. From the Editor Steve Katz’s ruminations on the evolving state of the industry.…