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  • Good news in unexpected corners of Europe

    Good news in unexpected corners of Europe

    The fourth quarter returns for 2017 are not in yet, but Europe’s economy is at last looking up, with 2.2% year-on-year GDP growth for the Euro area (running neck-and-neck with the US), and industrial production (a better indicator for label dem…
    John Penhallow 01.26.18

  • A world without packaging

    A world without packaging

    A symposium with this provocative title took place recently in Belgium. Among the speakers was Bruno Ponsard from the Montreal Institut des Emballages et du Génie Alimentaire (non-French-speaking readers should note that Génie has nothi…
    John Penhallow, Contributing Editor 10.14.13

  • Is the clock ticking

    Is the clock ticking for UK label executives? How important are the leaders of a company to its financial performance? UK industry analyst Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. says the UK label industry will soon find out since one in four of its company direc…

  • Cooperation on R&D expected to boost prepress tools

    Cooperation on R&D expected to boost prepress tools Artwork Systems Group plans to integrate its Enfocus Software subsidiary even further within the group. The respective R&D departments will work together on future prepress workflow develop…

  • Grayscale inkjet head

    Grayscale inkjet head comes out of the closet For several years we have been hearing how grayscale-quality inkjet will be the next big breakthrough in digital color printing. One of the noisiest vendors in this field has been Xaar, based in Cambrid…

  • Plastic? No, whey

    Plastic? No, whey First it was corn, which was suddenly discovered to be the miracle eco-ingredient for everything from gasoline to plastic films. Now it’s whey, the watery stuff that is left over when you make cheese. A group of European prin…