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  • Heavy Levy

    The United Kingdom has particularly draconian packaging regulations. All UK companies with a turnover of more than $2.7 million must assess how much packaging they have placed onto the UK Market. If the volume exceeds 50 metric tons per year, then th…
    John Penhallow 10.06.17

  • ...and brew it mein way

    Many readers of L&NW may have forgotten the Great Beer Battle, which inflamed the drinking classes of Europe in the 1960s. An ancient German law called the Reinheitsgebot, dating back to the 16th century, laid down the only ingredients allowed fo…
    John Penhallow 09.11.17

  • Did drupa droop?

    Did drupa droop?

    The weather in Düsseldorf was hot and sultry, there was a major fire in an outlying hall being used to house refugees, police detained three men allegedly planning a terrorist attack in the city – and despite this, nearly all the exhibitor…
    John Penhallow 07.15.16

  • Expressing shelf appeal

    One of the lesser revelations at the FINAT Congress in Monaco in June was the difficulty, for the association’s secretariat, of translating this year’s theme – “the battle for shelf appeal” into French. The nation that h…
    John Penhallow 07.21.14

  • Landa Nanographic Presses win 'Good Design' Award

    The award is presented annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architechure and Design.

  • Europe's narrow web equipment makers feel the squeeze

    A glance at the Labelexpo Europe show guides of 1997 and 2007 is instructive: Labelexpo 1997 was a resolutely European show, with 83 percent of exhibitors from Europe, 12 percent from North America and just 5 percent from the rest of the world (mostl…
    John Penhallow 03.06.09

  • Wide-width inkjet seen as alternative to printing labels

    Wide-width inkjet seen as alternative to printing labels So far it has been largely impractical to print quality images directly onto a packaging medium using inkjet technology. Tonejet thinks it has cracked the problem. As part off The Technology P…

  • SE Labels acquired

    SE Labels acquired by Scandinavian group Skanem Industries, a Norwegian-based packaging company, has its sights on SE Labels. With a turnover of over $170 million, the SE group is arguably Europe’s largest producers of self-adhesive labels: I…