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  • North America
    Maxson launches new sheeter for Tyvek stacking

    Maxson launches new sheeter for Tyvek stacking

    The versatile Maxson MSS Sheeter is designed to convert rolls of Tyvek into precisely stacked piles.


    Maxson Automatic Machinery is offering a sheeter feature that avoids secondary repositioning of piles on a skid prior to feeding the skids into a printing press. The design allows the operator to offset the tail end of the sheeted stock from the back…

  • Sheeter


    AZCO has introduced a new generation of sheeting equipment. The FGW-1000 Sheeter is ideal for film, foil, paper, nonwoven, laminate, composite or any other flexible material. It is modular in design and features an unwind with an optional edge gui…

  • Delivery feature

    Delivery feature Maxson Automatic Machinery Westerly RI USA The continuous run discharge feature on the company’s sheeters permits safe, uninterrupted production when changing skids of material, without rejecting any acceptable sheets. 40…

  • Spec sheet

    Spec sheet Precision AirConvey Newark DE USA The spec sheet showcases the company’s TrimPAC system, which cuts and evacuates edge trim from slitters and diecutters. It also lists achievable conveying distances to help determine the correct T…

  • Automatic squaring system

    Automatic squaring system Maxson Automatic Machinery Westerly RI USA The company is offering an automatic squaring system on its stationary bed knife cutters, or as a retrofit to existing sheeting equipment. An AC servomotor, mounted on a gear hea…

  • Dual rotary knife module

    Dual rotary knife module Webex Inc. Neenah WI USA The DirEXCut dual rotary knife module is designed for use in folio sheeting operations. It features dead-shafted knife cylinders mounted in a cartridge configuration that can be retrofitted into an…

  • Dual slitter

    Dual slitter Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly RI USA Designed to permit high production sheeting, the dual slitter rig station includes two banks of slitter rigs mounted over one another, infeed and outfeed rolls, and an AC drive mou…

  • Metalized paper sheeter

    Metalized paper sheeter Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly, RI USA The cutter, delivery and stacking systems are specifically designed to achieve higher speeds while minimizing scratching, thereby providing a high quality, press ready pro…

  • Self loading shaftless roll stand

    Self loading shaftless roll stand Maxson Automatic Machinery Company Westerly, RI USA The economical self loading shaftless roll stand provides a safe method to reduce down time due to roll changes. Motors on each slider base drive a power screw,…