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  • What, when, why and how should you invest in a new product?

    When I attended this year’s Labelexpo and Pack Expo, I was dazzled by the amount of new products being offered in the marketplace. It made me think: What is the process these companies go through to green-light a new product? Or more importantl…
    Rock LaManna 01.20.17

  • Substrates

    Mondi donates 60 tons of paper

    Mondi's Advantage Smooth White specialty kraft paper will be used to make 5.5 million mobile phone donation bags.

  • Follow-through makes or breaks customer service success

    What’s worse than a bad customer service attitude? Bad follow-through. Clearly, corporate America has adopted the “fair and friendly” customer service demeanor when interacting with customers. We’re overrun with solicitous, we…
    Mark Lusky 10.14.16

  • Flexo Presses | Flexo Supplies | Flexography | Label Converting Equipment | Prepress | Prepress Supplies
    Platemaking Equipment

    Platemaking Equipment

    Automation, consistency and digital technology have transformed this market.
    Greg Hrinya, Associate Editor 09.07.16

  • Prepress Software

    Prepress Software

    New prepress solutions ensure quality, consistency and speed to market.
    Greg Hrinya, Associate Editor 07.15.16

  • Currency swings and roundabouts

    Violent exchange rate fluctuations have been rare in recent years. This year looks like the exception. In late January, and to general surprise, the Swiss Central Bank stopped intervening to hold down the value of the Swiss franc. Within minutes, the…
    John Penhallow 03.09.15

  • Concern for byproduct

    Contrary to my pal CD’s contention that there is no scientific data that supports rising temperatures and an escalation of greenhouse gas emissions, a paper published in the journal Nature says, “the coldest year in the future will be war…
    Calvin Frost 11.21.13

  • Money

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the cash register sound effects of Pink Floyd’s iconic song “Money.” Money, get away Get a good job with more pay And you’re okay Though it’s not my favorite Floyd song (I prefer T…
    Steve Katz, Editor 03.12.13

  • Don’t go Lean

    Don’t go Lean

    That got your attention, didn’t it? What on earth do I mean, don’t go Lean?
    Tom Southworth 04.19.12

  • Flexo Press Economics

    Flexo Press Economics

    New press technology and Lean practices are cutting down time, labor and waste - and growing profits.