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  • UV curing system

    July 18, 2005
    UV curing system HONLE AG Munich, Germany Uvaprint HOP is an energy efficient UV curing system. The reflector geometry works by focusing the UV wavelength exactly where it is needed. The result is an average of 25 percent less power usage as…

  • Free cold foil

    July 18, 2005
    Free cold foil printing handbook BEACON ADHESIVES Mount Vernon, NY USA Go Gold: A Handbook for Cold Foil Printing explains the properties of Beacon’s innovative Magna-CRYL 4505 series for both dry and wet lamination and the various pres…

  • Silicone release liners

    July 18, 2005
    Silicone release liners METALLIZED PRODUCTS Winchester, MA USA Custom formulated silicone release liners provide controlled, long term stable release properties for a wide variety of applications. They can meet various adhesive requirements, inc…

  • Early defect defection system

    July 18, 2005
    Early defect defection system TECSCAN ELECTRONICS Pengam, Blackwood, England The new Colourscan range of automatic defect detection systems are designed to enable printers and converters to enhance their competitive advantage by improving output…

  • UV pressure sensitive adhesive

    July 18, 2005
    UV pressure sensitive adhesive RAD-CURE CORPORATION Fairfield, NJ USA Rad-Bond 12PSFLV is a UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesive. Process and application features and benefits include fast cure, high peel strength, excellent wetting characteri…

  • Mini curing unit

    July 18, 2005
    Mini curing unit IST AMERICA CORPORATION Bolingbrook, IL USA The MBS minicure UV unit offers rotary label printers the ability to move their UV curing units as needed to accommodate the various processes used in combination printing. 630-771-…

  • Ink cleaner

    July 18, 2005
    Ink cleaner MAX DAETWYLER CORPORATION Huntersville, NC USA NuPro chemicals effectively clean the most difficult ink, adhesives and coatings on press parts, cylinders, and doctor blades. This group of chemistry is environmentally safe, formulat…

  • UV Research spins off

    July 18, 2005
    UV Research spins off TEC Lighting division UV Research, of Brea, CA, has spun off its TEC Lighting division, which manufactures short arc mercury vapor lamps. UV research manufactures Spectracure UV curing systems for narrow web flexographic…

  • Unilux adds reps in Asia,

    July 18, 2005
    Unilux adds reps in Asia, Australia, S. America Unilux, a manufacturer of stroboscopic surface inspection systems for the printing and converting industries, has added four sales representatives to cover Australia, China, Costa Rica, El Salvad…

  • BASF opens technical

    July 18, 2005
    BASF opens technical center in Charlotte BASF’s Printing Systems business unit, a leader in photopolymer plates and inks for the packaging industry, has opened a technical center in Charlotte, NC, to serve the North American market. &ld…

  • Dunmore achieves

    July 18, 2005
    Dunmore achieves ISO 9002 status Dunmore Corporation, Bristol, PA, has been approved for ISO 9002 certification by TÜV Management Service. The certification recognizes the integrity of Dunmore’s manufacturing processes, and allows c…

  • Akzo Nobel Inks holds

    July 18, 2005
    Akzo Nobel Inks holds technical seminar Akzo Nobel Inks will conduct a seminar on “New Technologies for Narrow Web Printers” at its Center for Technical Excellence in Plymouth, MN, on Oct. 23-24. The seminar will give an overview o…

  • Anilox Rolls

    July 18, 2005
    New coating processes, plus care and cleaning tips for these critical press components.

  • Label Stock: Paper vs. Film

    Talar Sesetyan || July 18, 2005
    Substrate variety and quality are greater than ever, and films are showing their muscle.

  • Mid-Year Economic Outlook

    Jack Kenny & Talar Sesetyan || July 18, 2005
    Many are struggling, but some converters are bucking the recessionary trends

  • Flexo R&D

    July 18, 2005
    Our Reality Check columnist sheds light on some of the technological R&D that is rapidly changing the complexion of flexography.

  • Flexo Ink

    July 12, 2005
    Developments in water based and UV curable inks mean greater potential for converters.

  • Pharmaceutical Labeling

    July 12, 2005
    Discipline, control, cleanliness and security make for a demanding market niche.

  • Letterpress

    Jack Kenny || July 11, 2005
    The letterpress market might be constrained, but label converters and their customers still demand the quality that this traditional printing process delivers.

  • Personal Care Labeling

    Talar Sesetyan || July 11, 2005
    High quality, eye appeal and cost are driving this demanding label market.

  • Postpress Equipment

    Jack Kenny || July 11, 2005
    Powerful converting and finishing systems can enhance performance and profitability.

  • Testing Equipment

    Talar Sesetyan || July 11, 2005
    A myriad of laboratory devices are available to improve label quality.

  • Servo Driven

    July 11, 2005
    In one year, shaftless press technology has leaped onto the flexo scene.

  • Oh, the Humanity!

    Elisha Tropper || July 11, 2005
    Converting executives should pay closer attention to their best asset: the people.

  • Digital Printing

    July 11, 2005
    New contenders have entered the digital printing field, with inkjet as their application of choice.

  • Security Labeling

    July 11, 2005
    Product fraud and counterfeiting have made security labeling a big business.

  • Linerless Labels

    Jack Kenny || July 11, 2005
    End users who purchase and apply linerless labels know what it means to reduce waste.

  • Rotary Screen

    July 11, 2005
    Once used by few narrow web printers, this technology is now in demand.

  • Paper Substrates

    July 11, 2005
    Familiar stock is continually re-engineered to meet changing package trends.

  • Industrial Labeling

    July 11, 2005
    Label products made to withstand harsh conditions could improve with more communication.

  • Rotary Dies

    July 11, 2005
    The highly competitive rotary tooling market faces daily challenges from new substrates, new release liners and fast turnaround demands.

  • UV Technology

    July 11, 2005
    Despite growth in equipment and technique, many converters have yet to enjoy the benefits of UV.

  • Healthcare Labeling

    Lisa Nieves Mateo || July 11, 2005
    With constant healthcare reform and government pressure to lower the price of pharmaceutical products, cost has become a major issue in this growing market.

  • The Flexo Challenge

    Jack Kenny || July 11, 2005
    As the flexo industry matures and its practitioners perfect their printing arts, new challenges emerge.

  • The Tag Market

    Lisa Nieves || July 11, 2005
    A few new ideas emerge in an otherwise flat tag industry.

  • The North American Label Market

    Lisa Nieves || July 11, 2005
    A special report on the state of the label industry: a look at the economy, the labor problem, the technology, and the markets that are driving today's changes.

  • Narrow Web Opportunities in Flexible Packaging

    Chris Mitchell || July 11, 2005
    No longer the sole province of the wide web converters, flexible packaging is narrowing down.

  • Foil Stamping Technology

    July 11, 2005
    An increase in foil decoration among packagers is propelling this converting process forward.

  • Label Stock

    Lisa Nieves || July 11, 2005
    This two-part feature focuses first on the latest trends in paper, film, foil, holograms and other specialty substrates. The second portion provides insight on the latest emerging markets.

  • Coating Equipment

    Lisa Nieves || July 11, 2005
    Narrow web coating units, both in-line and off-line, are ideal for specialty applications.

  • Digital Print Update

    July 11, 2005
    Converters continue to make use of existing digital presses, while waiting for the next thrill.

  • Shrink Labels

    July 11, 2005
    Shrink Labels produced on narrow web equipment offer unusual innovations.

  • Combination Presses

    July 11, 2005
    Multiple in-line printing processes are attracting more than just the high end converter.

  • Adhesive Technologies

    July 8, 2005
    Have in-house PS laminates arrived?

  • Pharmaceutical Labeling

    July 8, 2005
    As the FDA continues to crack down on label requirements, converters find new and innovative ways to provide their customers with extra label space in a cost-effective manner.

  • The Ink Report

    Lisa Nieves || July 8, 2005
    As the industry's technology advances in presses, substrates and converter expertise, inks must also maintain the pace of new development.

  • The Evolving World of Holograms

    Lisa Nieves || July 8, 2005
    Taking the "rush for the clock" into consideration, marketers have centered their packaging and labels around glitzy, eye-catching strategies

  • Secure in the Knowledge

    July 8, 2005
    As brands become even more valuable in a globalized market, owners seek to protect them against counterfeiting and other fraudulent practices. Label converters can help them.

  • Plate Mounters & Tapes

    July 8, 2005
    In the printing field, the slightest error in the mounting of a plate will destroy an otherwise perfect job.

  • Label Products and Design

    Howard Hyden || July 8, 2005
    Segmenting your markets strategically can fuel your company's success.