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    March 9, 2015
    Acucote has released its latest Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) product line: Diamond-Cote Single-ply (SP). The single-ply, single-message design converts like standard pressure sensitive applications and no lamination is required. Diamond-Cote SP mi…

  • POLYESTER substrate

    POLYESTER substrate

    July 17, 2013
    GPA has announced that its Ultra Digital Polyester for toner digital presses now includes a wider range of pressure sensitive and non-adhesive polyester in a variety of facestocks and adhesives. These versatile substrates are available in 2 mil,12…

  • Novamelt develops new PS adhesives

    November 15, 2011
    The new PS hotmelt adhesives are designed for deep freezer label applications.

  • TLMI Tech Conference draws a full house

    TLMI Tech Conference draws a full house

    October 7, 2009
    Getting smart in Chicago

  • Sustainable Practices

    Sustainable Practices

    Jack Kenny || October 7, 2009
    Altering our surroundings in business and manufacturing is a major step to creating a greener workplace � and to saving money.

  • Wash-off adhesive

    March 25, 2008
    Wash-off adhesive Novamelt Wehr Germany Novamelt presents with Novarad RC 24110, a UV-curable pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesive that is suitable for wash-off no label look labels. The adhesive can be removed in an industrial washing process with…

  • Acrylic adhesive

    November 19, 2007
    Acrylic adhesive FLEXcon Spencer MA USA FLEXcon introduces the FLEXmount V-326 permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is designed to bond to a variety of substrates in high temperature assembly applications. The all-purpose adhesive was…

  • Multi-layer items

    March 19, 2007
    Multi-layer items Schober USA Cincinnati OH USA Schober USA announces new literature on its Dragon technology for converting multi-layered self-adhesive products in a single pass, the MLPP-5.The heart of the system is a central converting drum wit…

  • Adhesive system

    September 13, 2006
    Adhesive system Acucote Graham NC USA Acucote Incorporated introduces its new GPX adhesive system. This water based acrylic permanent pressure sensitive adhesive has been formulated to provide high initial tack to both high and low energy surfaces…