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  • Acucote Inc.

    Acucote Inc.

    Manufactures pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated products. Offers custom capabilities, stock inventory programs and a variety of adhesives, facestocks and silicone release systems. Known for its quick response time, Acucote’s Application Develo…
    Melissa Walsh, Marketing Communications / Product Manager: Digital Media 03.15.18

  • Mondi


    Release Liner

  • Substrates | Sustainability

    Dow Corning forms liner recycling partnership with Reculiner

    Reculiner technology converts paper release liner waste from PS labels into a range of products such as insulation material.

  • Multi-layer ADHESIVE

    Multi-layer ADHESIVE

    Herma is applying its innovative multi-layer adhesive 62Gpt to a transparent film. Forming part of the HERMAperfectTack range, the adhesive is designed to offer outstanding initial tack even in difficult conditions. It is being applied to the Herm…

  • Linerless Labels

    Linerless Labels

    Sustainable and efficient, the popularity of linerless labels is expected to grow as quickly as the technology that supports it.
    Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 10.09.12

  • Pressure Sensitive | Substrates | Sustainability

    delfortgroup announces liner recycling program

    Cycle4green services allow used release liner to become recycled paper products.

  • UV Curing Technology

    UV Curing Technology

    Thanks in part to a rise in eco-friendly manufacturing processes, UV curing technology has steadily grown in popularity.
    Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 07.10.12

  • Green Bay Packaging Inc.

    Green Bay Packaging Inc. Environmental-Friendly NatureWorks™ PLA Film Green Bay Packaging, Coated Products Operations recently introduced NatureWorks™ PLA film which is 100% compostable. PLA film is a 1.6 mil crystal clear film manufact…

  • Loparex

    Loparex Global Supplier of Release Papers & Films In today’s market, converters require release liners made of various substrate and silicone combinations. Loparex offers the broadest range of products available, ensuring compatibility…