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  • ‘It’s the people, stupid’

    At trade shows and expos, we marvel at the big presses and hear how they can improve our businesses. We use technology to improve our production and boost our bottom line. We look at new materials and processes, and think about ways we can produce ex…
    Rock LaManna 11.17.17

  • Worlds Collide

    Worlds collide in this issue of L&NW. This is the month where Labelexpo takes over the industry, when suppliers and converters converge in Brussels. Of course, suppliers and converters get together daily in the course of doing business, but Label…
    Steve Katz, Editor 09.11.17

  • Things are never as good or bad as they seem

    In the printing business, there will be winners and losers – but your future is not predestined.
    Rock LaManna 08.01.17

  • How you know you are ready to retire

    If you’re looking at retirement, think about what you’d like your company to look like once you’re out of the picture.
    Rock LaManna 03.02.17

  • What, when, why and how should you invest in a new product?

    When I attended this year’s Labelexpo and Pack Expo, I was dazzled by the amount of new products being offered in the marketplace. It made me think: What is the process these companies go through to green-light a new product? Or more importantl…
    Rock LaManna 01.20.17

  • Local vs. Global:

    Which strategy is right for you?
    Rock LaManna 11.17.14

  • Tursso Companies: Meet the ‘Solutionaries’

    Much ado is made about the visionaries of our world. We love our Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburgs, who envision a breakthrough product or service, and then create the means to make it happen. But what are “visionaries” actually doing? …
    Rock LaManna 07.21.14

  • Growing your niche

    Growing your niche

    When I visited the Graphics of the Americas (GOA) Expo in February, I was looking for hot companies pushing the edge in new technologies. What I discovered was Sohn Manufacturing, a company that’s doing extremely well sticking to its non-digita…
    Rock LaManna 04.15.14

  • New Responsible Packaging: An Innovation or a Cash Trap?

    When is the “next big thing” not always such a great thing for your business? When does innovation cost more than its worth? It’s a tough call, and a recent piece in L&NW reminded me of the balancing act owners need to play when…
    Rock LaManna, Contributing Editor 11.29.12