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    RFID technology leader Smartrac has announced Sensor Temperature DogBone, which it claims is the industry’s first passive RAIN RFID temperature-sensing inlay. The new sensor inlay combines accuracy and cost-efficiency. The latest addition to Sm…


    VTT has developed a sensor that detects ethanol, which is formed as a result of food spoilage, in the headspace of a food package. The sensor signal is wirelessly readable, for instance, by a mobile phone. The sensor monitors ethanol emitted from th…

  • Web sensor

    Web sensor Strandberg Engineering Labs Greensboro NC The Spectrum 4 Multimeter checks and stores web speed along with stretch or shrinkage from roll to roll. Optional sensors such as half speed sensors, contact and non-contact, wet pickup, moistur…

  • Sensor

    Sensor Sensor Products East Hanover NJ USA Tactilus is an electronic tactile force and pressure indicating sensor. It allows an engineer to monitor how force is disbursed between two contacting or mating surfaces in real-time. The product is a Wi…

  • Ultrasonic analog sensor

    Ultrasonic analog sensor HYDE PARK ELECTRONICS Dayton, OH USA The Superprox model SM506 analog output series offers pushbutton “teach” setup for measurement and control. Functional choices offer reliability in the measures, monitoring…

  • Ultrasonic sensor

    Ultrasonic sensor FIFE CORPORATION, A MAXCESS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Oklahoma City, OK USA The SE-31-IS ultrasonic sensor is designed for hazardous areas where safety is the primary issue. They are unaffected by optical variations or ambient light…

  • Scan sensor

    Scan sensor FIFE CORPORATION, A MAXCESS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Oklahoma City, OK USA SE-38 First Edge is a threshold-based edge scan sensor that eliminates the effect of opacity variations in nonwoven materials. It is capable of detecting the fir…

  • Sensor Products

    Sensor Products has introduced DigiNip, an economical hand-held device that transforms the way nip measurements are obtained for small printing and coating rollers. When the unit’s two durable sensor elements are placed between two contacting r…