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  • Sleeve Storage System

    Sleeve Storage System

    Flex Essentials Inc. has recently re-engineered its edge sleeve storage system to create FlexStor IV. Similar in functionality to previous FlexStor sleeve storage systems, it has been redesigned to reduce assembly time, increase performance and reduc…

  • Sleeve storage

    Sleeve storage Charlotte NC USA SleeveWrak stores up to 12 sleeves. The sleeves are stored vertically to minimize issues with weight-enhanced imbalance. Mounted on the fixed mandrel, the sleeves can be maneuvered over to…

  • Vacuum molding

    Vacuum molding Technical Machine Products Wadsworth OH USA The Vacu-Jet Vacuum Rubber Injection Molding Systems eliminates or minimizes the entrapment of air or gases that cause defects in the molded products. The machines utilize a first-in…

  • Solvent ink press

    Solvent ink press Gidue Turate Italy The FS-Combat 530 has a printing width of 20.5" and is specially designed to use solvent-based inks. When a job change or adjustments are needed, the anilox and rubber rollers together with the doctor blad…

  • dler rolls

    Idler rolls Webex Neenah WI USA The idler rolls are custom-manufactured to run at optimum performance in oven applications or elevated temperatures up to 350° F. They are suited for powder coating, liquid coating, rubber curing, and plas…

  • Storage, cleaner

    Storage, cleaner Charlotte NC USA The company signed a contract to supply PrintMaster VC, an automated standard roll storage system. It features one-touch push button operation and the carousel system can be expanded in heigh…

  • Supplement

    Supplement J.W. Winco New Berlin WI USA A new items supplement is now available. Included are a variety of industrial machine parts, such as nylon bracket swivel casters with non-marking gray rubber, aluminum cabinet U-handles, and a number of pow…

  • Rubber covered

    Rubber covered rolls Webex Neenah WI USA WebSpreader idlers are grooved, rubber covered rolls designed to effectively reduce or eliminate web wrinkling. A variety of rubber elastomers are available with physical properties that endure strong solv…

  • Airshafts

    Airshafts Rimor Denmead, Hampshire, England The Con-Ex range of airshafts features a rubber lug design with a built in retraction system, thus avoiding the need for metal springs that can break and puncture the bladder. The ultra light shaft, 6&rd…

  • Simec Group

    Simec Group has introduced Revolver, its new sleeve handling and storage system. Revolver allows sleeves to be transferred from the printing press to the cleaning equipment and afterwards to the warehouse, through devices designed to avoid damage. Re…