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  • The Need For Speed

    Those not familiar with the ins and outs of the label converting industry don’t realize how exciting it is. I know, because I was one of those people. The reality is, it’s a great business niche to cover because things are really changing…

  • Synchronicity

    This issue was a lot of fun to put together. Don’t get me wrong – it was a ton a work – but I enjoyed how everything seemed to fall into place, at just the right time, even while putting the finishing touches on it at the so-called…
    Steve Katz, Editor 11.17.17

  • Sneak Peak

    You might find it curious that this issue is light on Labelexpo Europe coverage. I agree – it sure is. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m writing this issue’s editorial from the Brussels Expo. In the world of p…
    Steve Katz, Editor 10.06.17

  • Worlds Collide

    Worlds collide in this issue of L&NW. This is the month where Labelexpo takes over the industry, when suppliers and converters converge in Brussels. Of course, suppliers and converters get together daily in the course of doing business, but Label…
    Steve Katz, Editor 09.11.17

  • Getting Technical

    In this issue, we’re delighted to feature an article authored by Sean Teufler of Harper Corporation of America. He takes our readers on a deep dive into the intricate world of anilox engraving specification. While we are learning new things abo…
    Steve Katz, Editor 07.14.17

  • Age and Education

    We’re always learning. We can’t help it. Whether it’s from watching television, speaking with friends, or even eavesdropping on a stranger’s conversation, we can’t help but absorb information. Some of what we learn is…
    Steve Katz, Editor 04.07.17

  • Flexible Packaging | Flexography | Folding Carton | North America | Pharmaceutical Labels
    Pharma Labeling Compliance

    Pharma Labeling Compliance

    Industry experts from multinational corporations gathered in Boston to share their expertise on global labeling compliance.
    Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor 05.31.13

  • Narrow Web Profile: ROI Technologies Inc.

    With a new acquisition, this Baltimore converter enters new specialty markets.
    Leah Genuario 07.20.05