Labels for 'Baby Safety'

September 20, 2016

September is Baby Safety Month – a perfect time to reassess and make sure a product line is properly packaged.

September is Baby Safety Month, a time to make sure people and companies are doing everything in their power to keep infants and toddlers safe. Businesses that sell potentially risky products should use this month as a reminder and chance to check every item's packaging and labels. Maybe there is a chance to add safety labels. Parents who see the revised labels will take extra steps to keep the products away from their children, and if even one dangerous situation is prevented, the new label will have been worth it.

Custom Safety Labels: Above and Beyond Regulations
Some products are regulated by labeling rules. Toxic chemicals or other potentially harmful objects must be marked, and doing so is absolutely required. Once those needs are taken care of, companies can go beyond the minimums stipulated in the laws and create additional warnings where relevant. Parents of young children are eager to keep their kids safe, and they will appreciate that the company is interested in avoiding dangerous situations. This may lead to increased brand loyalty.

The best materials for childproof labels are strong enough to endure for a long time and stay in place after strenuous use. These warnings cannot fade over time, because their warnings and directions will always be relevant. 

With a variety of materials available, Denver-based all-digital label printer Lightning Labels positions itself as an ideal partner for safety-conscious manufacturers and retailers. "It's great to see businesses not only meeting labeling requirements but going beyond them to give important safety information to their customers," says Lightning Labels’ Director of Business Development AnneMarie Campbell. "Baby Safety Month is a perfect time to reassess and make sure a product line is properly packaged, and Lightning Labels is ready to assist with this process."

It's Time to Make a Change
"There's no need to wait any longer - when it's time to add new child-proof labels to products, Lightning Labels can assist right away," Campbell adds.

With the company's all-digital printing process, orders takes a matter of days, not weeks or months. "This means before Baby Safety Month has passed, improved safety labels can be on shelves, giving parents easy access to important info that can keep their little ones safe. Meeting industry requirements is vital, but going beyond the standard can earn the gratitude and trust of anyone with a child to care for," Campbell concludes. 

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