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February 9, 2017

Lightning Labels, the all-digital converter in Denver, CO, promotes American Heart Month in February.

Companies that manufacture and sell heart-friendly foods and beverages can use February as an opportunity to reach out to consumers who are interested in keeping their own hearts strong. They can also shine light on the struggles of those suffering with diseases affecting the heart. Customers interested in heart-healthy diets, especially during the month dedicated to this topic, brands may be able to reach out to them through smart use of custom food labels created by Lightning Labels.

When customers see the importance of heart health, it's natural they'll want to seek out foods that will keep their hearts strong. Companies can help guide their decision-making processes through the use of custom labels. When a food item has research linking its consumption to heart health, that's worth bragging about and celebrating. Brands will have to make sure the facts supporting their claims fit within legal guidelines, however, due to evolving labeling rules. Clear that hurdle and a label advertising heart benefits can become a bonus to consumers looking for diet tips.

In addition to simply promoting their items' health benefits, brands can run campaigns to generate awareness that addresses the important topic of heart health. This is another powerful use for custom food product labels, with the brand using some space on its packaging to either link up with a related charity during February or present statistics on heart health that will give customers food for thought. This use for labels goes well alongside the one described above - companies that make heart-healthy products are great candidates to raise awareness or funds.

While it may be best for companies to produce short runs of product labels that will only be used during February and carry heavy branding related to heart health, keeping to a good diet is an important idea at all times. This means there's plenty of room to either use designs that play up heart health benefits without mentioning February, or deploy one temporary design during the month and another new look for year-round use. Custom nutritional labels touting the health advantages of particular foods will be worthwhile whenever customers see them.

"American Heart Month is an important time to support consumer health, but keeping a healthy diet is absolutely critical all year. We're sure brands will find creative and great-looking label designs that raise awareness of this vital topic and help their customers eat well," says Lightning Labels Director of Business Development AnneMarie Campbell.

Now in its 15th year of serving customers, Lightning Labels uses only digital printing processes to bring brands' label visions to life.

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