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‘Esko’ updates identity, reports high revenue for 2005

January 31, 2006

Esko-Graphics, of Gent, Belgium, a market leader in packaging pre-production systems, reports substantial revenue growth for 2005, according to Carsten Knudsen president and CEO. “Esko is launched on a solid path of continuous profitable growth,” says Knudsen. “Our preliminary results for 2005 indicate a revenue growth of 15 percent over 2004, with an expected EBITDA margin of 7 percent. We are well past the period of merging and restructuring, and are executing on our strategy focused at serving all packaging supply chain partners with value-adding solutions and services.”

The company has modified its corporate identity by shortening its name to “Esko”. The new logo contains the single word and retains the company’s green and gray color scheme. The corporate web site also has been updated and can be found under the new domain name The legal company name remains Esko-Graphics.

“The shorter ‘Esko’ brand has a dynamic, modern emphasis and corresponds in fact to how our customers and other industry participants refer to us,” continues Knudsen. “It further illustrates our vision of expanding our pre-production solutions beyond ‘just’ graphics, a direction we have been following since 1998.”