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Ciba Specialty Chemicals acquires MetalFX

August 8, 2006

Ciba Specialty Chemicals, of Basel, Switzerland, has acquired a majority share in the company MetalFX, creator of an innovative print concept that allows thousands of metallic effects to be produced accurately in one run on a five-color press. The MetalFX concept will extend Ciba Color Services’ overall management system for innovative effects and accurate colors.

Sonia Megert Marshall, global head of Ciba Color Services, says, “The MetalFX concept greatly increases the creative scope of print and has proven to be a highly profitable asset to its users. All involved in the color process — from designer to ink manufacturer to printer — will now be able to benefit from opportunities through synergies between the MetalFX concept and Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ color management solutions, technical expertise and global reach.”

MetalFX, based in Leeds, England, produces metallic shade reference books and special kits to help designers incorporate metallic shades in their designs, as well as promoting new effects that enable brand owners to differentiate their products. Printers and ink makers can obtain licenses to use MetalFX. Launched four years ago, the MetalFX concept is used by numerous leading companies worldwide, including ink makers, press manufacturers, printers, paper companies, and color management specialists.

Andrew Ainge, managing director of MetalFX, will continue to head the company, which will be further developed and expanded. “Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ advanced technology will back up MetalFX,” Ainge says. “We will be expanding the toolbox that enables printers to reproduce colors accurately and to the highest quality. Our aim is to take color communication way beyond its current boundaries and produce an easy-to-use package for printers worldwide.”