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DiTrolio Institute approved by US veterans’ department

March 20, 2007

In an ongoing effort to do its part in assisting military personnel returning home from active duty, DiTrolio Flexographic Institute (DFI) has undergone an application process to become approved by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a post-secondary educational institution for veterans.

“With this approval, DiTrolio Flexographic Institute will be able to continue to provide training and career education to a greater number of eligible veterans who will now be able to access military benefits while attending training at DFI,” says Vincent DiTrolio, founder and president. As a veteran, DiTrolio says he understands that the educational benefits awarded to veterans are an invaluable resource and opportunity. “It is with great pride that we are able to extend this opportunity and support to our military veterans.”

DFI, located in Broadview, IL, USA, offers industry-specific flexo training seminars for all skill levels, from beginning press operations to advanced printing applications.