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First film rewinder sale matches new concept in print

December 11, 2007

AB Graphic International has announced the sale of its first Omega FSR film rewinder to West Yorkshire based SA Labels Limited.

AB Graphic International has announced the sale of its first Omega FSR film rewinder to West Yorkshire based SA Labels Limited. The line is designed specifically to meet the demands of inspecting, slitting and rewinding unsupported films and was developed in response to the increasing demand for servo driven presses for flexible packaging applications.  

States Tony Coulthard, Production Manager at SA Labels: “Because our customers are asking for a wider range of materials to be printed and converted, we had a need for a machine that would enable us to process films plus all of the label substrates we handle.  We approached a number of slitter rewinder manufacturers for a machine with a specification capable of matching the print solution we were developing called Ultraflex. The AB Graphic machine fitted the bill and the installation will enable us to supply finished product to the both the pressure sensitive unsupported film markets.”

The Omega FSR will be used to convert substrates produced on the Ultraflex system at SA Labels that the company says is an exclusive system. Equipped with screen, flexo and gravure print heads, the Ultraflex offers a choice of print process configurations and multiple decorative enhancements such as foils, tactile finishes and varnishes across a wide range of pressure sensitive substrates and flexible packaging materials.

The Omega FSR includes driven unwind, closed loop taper tension control, slow down festoon with splice table and web clamps, twin rewind module with twin lay-on rollers and dancer tension control. The line can be supplied with a full range of converting options. Both unsupported films and traditional label substrates can be converted in maximum web widths 330mm (13”), 410mm (16”) and 510 mm (20”) at speeds up to 300m/min (984fpm).
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