Schmitt to offer custom encoded labels

Published March 3, 2008
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InkSure Technologies Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, a provider of covert machine-readable authentication systems, has entered into an agreement with George Schmitt & Company in which InkSure will develop a custom SmartInk code specifically for Schmitt. The latter is a graphic arts company headquartered in Guilford, CT, USA.

SmartInk adds a covert, machine-readable signature to a customer's inks and varnishes, allowing them to be definitively authenticated in the field in less than two seconds. George Schmitt now has the ability to offer its customers labels that are encoded either with the customer's own SmartInk code, or with the George Schmitt SmartInk code at special pricing.

"Counterfeiting impacts a wide array of products and can cause significant losses in terms of revenue, employment, and product liability," says Chris Brown, senior VP of sales at InkSure. "Because of the high stakes involved, manufacturers and brand owners are seeking authentication solutions that are very secure and accurate, virtually impossible to reverse engineer, easy to implement on a global scale, and that provide fast and definitive determinations of authenticity without relying on operator judgment or interpretation. InkSure's solutions are ideally suited to meet these requirements."

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