Para Print declares its commitment to environmental sustainability

Published July 29, 2008
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Para Print, Ivyland, PA, USA, a provider of flexographic printing plates and prepress services, has published a charter that states its commitment to environmental sustainability. Para Print President Ralph Zuccarini says that the heart of the initiative is the Green Committee, composed of Para Print team members. “With a charter to seek out new ways to make the company greener and to present their recommendations to management for implementation, they have complete autonomy and access to all aspects of the company’s operations,” he says.

The Para Print commitment includes the following pledges:

• Ensure that all procedures use clean technologies and protect the environment. Illustrating this commitment is a closed-looped platemaking system that captures and recycles solvents rather than discharging them into the environment.

• Provide products and services that meet and exceed both regulatory and internal environmental requirements.

• Include commitment to environmental sustainability in vendor selection criteria.

• Implement policies that reduce environmental impact, exemplified by a movement to paperless communication and records and the recycling of all packaging materials.

• Encourage a company culture of innovation that underpins the green initiative.

“Decisions that we make today must maintain a balance between environmental and company financial goals and be implemented within the context of environmental responsibility,” Zuccarini says. “At Para Print, we are dedicating our human and corporate resources to accomplish this objective.”

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