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Aquaflex introduces new ELS press version

September 11, 2008

Sleeve technology, infinite repeat and job memory are new features.

Aquaflex introduced its ELS-D flexo technology at Labelexpo, a servo driven press that features plate sleeves, infinite repeat and job storage. The US press maker  showed one module of the ELS-D line, mounted in the original ELS press, which utilizes plate cylinders.

“The reception has been absolutely outstanding,” said Mac Rosenbaum, Aquaflex VP. “Sleeving lowers the cost for plates dramatically.” The ELS press was designed for sale at a lower price point than other servo driven presses on the market. “There’s never been anything like this in its class,” Rosenbaum added. “An eight-color hot air sleeve press is now under $600,000. We are going to see a lot more of this in the industry. Converters are amazed that they can have a press like this at that price level.”

The press is available in widths of 10”, 13” and 16”.