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FFTA announces 2009 regional workshop tour

February 23, 2009

“FIRST 4.0 on the Go! Fundamentals and Best Practices” and will take place in five US cities.

The Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA), the educational branch of the organization dedicated to advancing the flexographic printing process, announced the 2009 lineup for its series of regional workshops.

The workshops utilize a standardized model and program entitled “FIRST 4.0 on the Go! Fundamentals and Best Practices” and will take place throughout the United States in the following months and locations:
April, in Pewaukee, WI; September, in Cincinnati, OH, and Rochester, NY; October, in Minneapolis, MN; and November in Seattle, WA. 

Each workshop shares the same objective: to provide fundamental educational training programs for production and operational personnel. Presentations in the program will focus on how printers must structure their production workflow in order to align with the principles contained in FIRST 4.0.

Program topics include: Optimizing Platemaking Parameters, Optimizing the Plate Package, Optimizing Ink Metering Systems, Optimizing Inks & Substrates, Fingerprinting Basics, G7/Near Neutral Calibration, Controlling Platemaking Parameters & Plate Package Variables, Measuring Ink Film Thickness & Press Variables, Using Appropriate Measurement Devices to Print to the Numbers, and FIRST 4.0 – Putting it All Together.

Joe Tuccitto, FTA education director says, “Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles and best practices of the flexographic printing process all tied into the brand new soon-to-be-released FIRST 4.0 document. This sort of educational framework fits ideally with the primary objectives contained in TEST (Technical Education Services Team) which focuses on providing
enhanced support for training and education while keeping course materials closely aligned with FIRST.”

The registration rates are $99.00 for FTA members and $198 for non-members. For more information visit

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