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Label seminar helps educate converter’s distributors

May 18, 2009

I.D. Images focuses on variable information printing at its semi-annual conference for distributors.

I.D. Images, a label converter in Brunswick, OH, USA, held its semi-annual Label Seminar on May 7, a program designed to educate its distributors on the variable information printing market and its related label technologies and applications. In addition, the seminar covered I.D. Images’ products, services and capabilities.

The typical distributor carries thousands of different products; in most cases, labels are a small part of their overall product mix. Yet nearly all of these distributor’s customers utilize label media for product identification, shipping, inventory tracking and control and countless other applications, says Tim Mlnarik, business development manager for I.D. Images.

“The seminar is an investment with an excellent ROI,” says Mlnarik. “The average distributor that goes through the seminar grows their label business by $80,000 per year.Sales people are reluctant to sell products they don’t know much about. Given that the seminar is free and part of I.D. Images services, the payback is exceptional.

Each seminar is aimed at educating attendees about the market as well as other key topics, such as label constructions, label and printing technologies, ribbons, selling tips and applications. I.D. Images further supports this initial education by providing other services, such as making joint end-user sales calls, phone support for product and application questions and marketing services. The marketing services include private branded collateral and email marketing campaigns.