Nipson shows its new black and white digital press

Published September 26, 2009
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Nipson presented its new DigiFlex black and white digital press at Labelexpo, presenting the machine printing in combination with a Kern unwinder and a Spedo utter. The configuration also featured a camera control system from 2J Printing Services.

“The DigiFlex combines non-impact dry toner-based magnetography and proprietary cool xenon flash fusing, making it ideal for printing on heat sensitive stock such as self-adhesive labels, plastics, polyesters, and foils,” said Nipson’s Martine Berger, the marketing communications manager. “With maximum uptime, printing at top speeds of 81.7 to 104 meters per minute, it offers just the productivity needed for high volume variable data printing. What is more, it features progressive and automatic speed adjustment to synchronize with the data flow rate and the finishing equipment, while an operator-controlled variable speed feature allows dynamic adjustment of the speed to ensure optimum print quality on any substrate. These features help avoiding unnecessary starts and stops, ensure truly cost-effective continuous production, and also reduce waste.”

Designed for flexibility, the DigiFlex can be easily integrated with existing pre- and post-processing equipment. It can be used in multiple configurations – simplex, single engine duplex or twin engine duplex, and roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut or roll-to-stack. At Labelexpo, the press was demonstrated in simplex configuration.

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