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Avery Dennison launches new shrink film

October 16, 2009

Polyphane Fit aims at improved shelf impact with shrink ratios up to 50 percent.

Avery Dennison has introduced Polyphane Fit, a roll-fed shrink film said to deliver shrink ratios up to 50 percent. Targeted primarily to the beverage category, Polyphane Fit allows brand managers and packaging designers the opportunity to use a broader range of contoured bottles.

Polyphane Fit was developed and is manufactured by Polysack Plastic Industries Ltd., Israel. Avery Dennison has entered into a collaborative agreement with Polysack to exclusively distribute and sell the films in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This is the first distribution agreement Avery Dennison has established with another label material supplier.

“Capturing consumers’ attention within seconds at the store shelf is critical,” says Laura Clark, marketing director for food and beverage, Avery Dennison. “The physical shape of the package is a key element of the overall brand experience. And contoured packages, with eye-catching labels, offer a compelling way to differentiate national and private label brands.”

According to the company, Polyphane Fit can wrap up to 60,000 bottles per hour; can be printed using flexo, gravure, offset, and digital; can be applied with all seaming processes, including hot-melt adhesive, UV adhesive, solvent, ultrasonic, and laser; and will run on conventional wraparound equipment. The product line includes HA, engineered for hot air tunnels, up to 25 percent shrink; ST, for steam tunnels, up to 25 percent shrink; and STS, for steam tunnels, up to 50 percent shrink.