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Pamarco expands anilox engraving technology

December 11, 2009

The company will install a new laser engraver and introduce a new engraving process.

Pamarco Global Graphics plans to install a new ALE multi-beam 500 Watt solid state laser at its Warrington, UK anilox manufacturing plant during the first quarter of 2010. The company also will be adding a complete clean room facility for the new and existing lasers. This is part of a five year plan to add and upgrade all lasers to solid state technology.

In addition to new laser technology, the company has introduced new engraving technology, which it calls E-Flo. E-Flo has a different cell structure and an improved cell angle profile that will provide a more consistent and increased ink lay down, according to Pamarco. The cell angle profile will allow printers to work with the expanded color gamuts without concern for the angles clashing with the printing plate.