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Harper offers free anilox troubleshooting guide

February 22, 2010

The 24-page guide is a reference to anilox issues that are both common and uncommon.

Harper GraphicSolutions, the technical service arm of global anilox supplier Harper Corporation of America, has produced an illustrated guide for troubleshooting anilox roll applications. Available free upon request, the 24-page illustrated guide provides a comprehensive reference to common and not-so-common conditions that frequently arise during the anilox printing process.

Suggested care of bearings and gears, solutions to plate cylinder over-impressions, corrective actions for misaligned anilox, plate and impression cylinders and cures for excessive impressions between plate and substrate are among the problems addressed in the guide.

Ink-related issues warrant extensive coverage in the new guide. It offers a bulleted causes/remedies approach to many topics: monitoring of ink pressure, elimination of ink flooding and excessive pressure, avoiding improper settings of the ink roller nip, solutions to fast-drying ink, ink with excessive viscosity, water-based ink with insufficient pH, solvent imbalances, and more.

“We think our new troubleshooting volume will prove to be a valuable resource for everyone regularly involved in anilox roll technology, whether they are new to the process or already an old anilox hand,” says Alexander James, technical graphics manager at Harper GraphicSolutions, Charlotte, NC, USA.

To request a copy of the troubleshooting guide, call 800-438-3111, ext. 292 (US/Canada); local 704-588-3371, ext. 292; or via email to

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