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Cal Poly student wins PLGA scholarship

March 15, 2010

Senior Laura Kiyoi is majoring in graphic communication with a minor in industrial technology packaging.

The PLGA Global Educational Foundation has named Laura Kiyoi, a senior and graphic communication major at California Polytechnic State University the recipient of its 2009-2010 Gravure Scholarship. Kiyoi was honored at PLGA Global’s recent Operational Conference in Florida.

Although her major is graphic communication, Kiyoi emphasizes that she has an industrial technology packaging minor because of her interest in the material side, as well as the graphics side of packaging. She says that it is essential for both sides to work together to be successful in the packaging industry.

This past quarter, Kiyoi was vice president in charge of graphics for Poly Pack, the Cal Poly packaging club, and she is working with members from various majors to help promote Poly Pack with the skills she’s gained through her studies. Through her gravure class, she participated in a field trip to RR Donnelley, where she was impressed with its advanced gravure presses. And through Mat Pica Pi, the Graphic Communication club, she visited Pacific Southwest Container, a packaging company in Modesto, CA.

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