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WS Packaging wins an environmental award

March 29, 2010

The converter’s plant in Algoma, WI, USA, is diverting its label waste to a producer of industrial fuel pellets.

WS Packaging Group, a large converting company in North America, has been recognized for its environmental achievements by the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group. The company, whose headquarters is in Green Bay, WI, USA, has received the 2009 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Innovation.

WS Packaging has been reducing the amount of material waste that it sends to local landfills in Wisconsin, shipping it instead to Pellet America for conversion to industrial pellets. Today the company is shipping the waste from its Algoma, WI, plant to a new pellet plant, Greenwood Fuels, in Green Bay.

In January 2008 the company developed a Corporate Sustainability Committee to further commit each of its 16 facilities to good environmental stewardship, and has developed a blueprint to be followed by each facility. The company has used Lean Manufacturing to cut waste in production, switched to energy efficient lighting, curtailed paper for internal order processing, used returnable shipping containers, and instituted other innovations to cut waste.