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Durst celebrates first year in the label industry

September 16, 2010

The Tau 150 provides an exact calculation of the ink consumed.

LabelExpo 2010 marks the firstanniversary of Durst’s entry into the label industry after the successful launch of the Tau 150 and Rotoworx 330 in 2009. Durst is marking this occasion by showing four new machine configurations – evidence of its commitment to the label and narrow web market.

The Tau 150 is Durst’s standard printing press featuring CMYK and white. Based on piezo-electric drop-on-demand grayscale ink jet technology, it utilizes liquid ink technology and is capable of producing high-performance images at an apparent resolution well over 1,000 dpi at157 fpm. The white color is pinned, i.e. partially cured, as the first color to be printed. This provides a uniform film layer on which the remaining colors can be applied in a “wet-on-wet” process before the final cure.

Job costing is made easy with the Tau because the machine provides an exact calculation of the ink consumed for the print-job. The operator keys in the ink cost (cost per liter) and the media cost (cost per square foot) and the Tau will then calculate the total variable cost associated with the particular job.

The show machine is also configured with an optional variable data printing module which enables fully variable text, bar codes and images.

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