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Mitsubishi Polyester Film develops liner recycling program

September 16, 2010

The company is working with end users to return the spent liner back to its South Carolina plant.

Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Greer, SC, USA, has announced that it has developed a breakthrough for the closed loop sustainable recycling of polyester release liners. Company officials say the new Mitsubishi Reprocess Spent Liner Recovery Program will satisfy the cradle-to-cradle expectations that the labeling industry has been seeking.

Company officials in Greer have created a way to blend new and recycled materials into a new product. Using technologies developed over the last three years, the company’s proprietary process is being implemented to allow the production of first quality release liners containing significant recycled content. Performance has been verified in value chain field tests, the company says.

Polyester liners offer sustainability advantages when compared to paper liners. An independent lifecycle assessment found that the new process, when used to create recycled PET pellets, will decrease the energy demand by 91 percent and the global warming potential by 74 percent as compaed to virgin pellet production.

Mitsubishi is working with end users to return the spent liner back to the plant in Greer. The collection system is currently under development.
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