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Converters flock to AB Graphic for education

October 18, 2010

More than 150 Europeans visited he company’s Germany plant for information on producing pharmaceutical labels.

The desire to break into the pharmaceutical labeling market, or to enhance existing pharmaceutical label production, apparently is quite fervent throughout Europe. AB Graphic International held an open house with a pharmaceutical theme at its plant in Baesweiler, Germany, this month and attracted scores of visitors from across the continent. The event also demonstrated how medium-run Braille labels and booklets can be produced efficiently and cost effectively.

“The three day open house was a great success, with more than 150 visitors from all over Europe, and was supported by our distributors and personnel from our facilities in Germany, France, Spain, Holland and the UK,” says Matthew Burton of AB Graphic. “We demonstrated a variety of converting machines running various pharmaceutical jobs equipped with FleyeVision 100 percent print face inspection.These included our F150 entry level pharmaceutical and security print inspection machine and an F2010 multi lane inspection system with inkjet marking capability. Demonstrations were complemented by a stand-alone Braille printer, a booklet insertion machine, and an offline PDF comparison unit that sends printed material to the rewinder.”

A manufacturer of label converting systems, AB Graphic International is based in Bridlington, England.