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IPT to distribute FlexoArt equipment in North America

December 6, 2010

FlexoArt manufactures chambered doctor blade systems and Gallus print heads.

FlexoArt, of Klippen, Sweden, has named Innovative Printing Technologies (IPT) its distributor for North America. IPT, based in Sarasota, FL, USA, will handle sales and support of FlexoArt’s chambered doctor blade systems as well as its Gallus R160/R200 flexo print heads.

“We have been looking for products which exemplify Lean Manufacturing practices,” says Peter Kuschnitzky of IPT. “The FlexoArt doctor blade systems will fit nicely in our product line and help our customers become more efficient in manufacturing.”

Originally designed for the Gallus EM 280 and 410 presses, the systems are mainly used for varnish, solids and difficult shades. They replace existing fountain roller and ink trays, ensuring no ink spitting or spillage while allowing for increased printing speeds. The patented low-pressure system also decreases the wear and tear of anilox rollers.

“We have had good success expanding the SensoTec Registration system beyond only Gallus presses,” adds Kuschnitzky. “We look forward to expanding the FlexoArt product to include Mark Andy and Nilpeter presses.”