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Omet’s Monotwin-Cut wins praise from customers

December 14, 2010

The inline diecutting unit is designed for high productivity and flexibility.

Reports from the first three users of Omet’s new inline Monotwin-Cut unit are extremely encouraging, says Marco Calcagni, Omet’s general sales director. Two label converters in France – Siac and Sopano – as well as Reslan from Turkey have given Omet high marks for the flexibility and productivity achieved by the diecutting unit.

“The Monotwin-Cut has been designed for the label market as a simple and efficient tool that offers high precision, top productivity and great flexibility,” says Calcagni. “It uses a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes, eliminating the need for converters to stock a large and expensive range of tools range at their factories.”

According to Omet, the advantages of the new system are:

• A reduction in time and management costs: no need to keep a stock of magnetic cylinders; only a single sheet needs changing, and in just few seconds you can go from one format to another without any material waste

• Reduced production problems associated with late deliveries of tools and variable tool quality

• Simple and intuitive to use

• Good operator ergonomics: no lifting tackle is required for cylinders

• Full control of the unit, web tension and waste removal from the main control panel

• Fully automatic pre-register and register control.