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Omet’s MonoTwin die station utilizes one size mag cylinder

February 11, 2011

The new unit eliminates the need for a range of different tooling.

Press and equipment manufacturer Omet has introduced a new diecutting unit called the MonoTwin, designed specifically for the label market. The unit utilizes a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes, thereby eliminating the need for a range of different tooling.

According to Omet, the advantages of the MonoTwin system are: a reduction in time and management costs; only a single sheet needs changing, and in just few seconds the operator can go from one format to another without any material waste; simple and intuitive to use; good operator ergonomics; full control of the unit, web tension and waste removal from the main control panel, and fully automatic pre-register and register control.

The MonoTwin-Cut rotates at constant speed during the cutting phase, which, because of its servo drive, makes it possible to accelerate and decelerate in perfect synchrony with the machine speed for the subsequent cutting process. Omet's new diecutting unit is available for the X-Flex series of narrow web presses.

Omet is based in Lecco, Italy.