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Enercon shows new surface treating process

April 4, 2011

A new surface treater is unveiled at the ICE USA show in Florida.

Enercon Industries unveils a new surface treating process this week called Plasma Synergy using the company’s new Plasma4 atmospheric plasma surface treater. The introduction will take place at the ICE USA Conference in Orlando, FL. Enercon’s Atmospheric Plasma Technology Director Rory Wolf will present “Synergistic Plasma Technique for Achieving Remarkable Surface Adhesion” on Wednesday.

The presentation will share technical data of Plasma Synergy, which details the production of highly stable surface energy which produces step changes in peel adhesion strength. “The data,” says Wolf, “will show how the process out-performs any existing single step treatment process.”

A demonstration of the Plasma4 on Teflon, which is difficult to treat, will be available. The treater offers low gas consumption, eliminates electrode breakage and automatically adjusts treatment air gap.

Enercon also introduces a treatment solution for pattern treating called Air Treat. Operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and receive on screen feedback on current segment position. This eliminates the process of manually actuating segmented electrodes on treaters which are often located in difficult to reach places. Air Treat is available as an option with Enercon’s CSO corona treater, which features stainless steel electrodes, several roll covering options and high performance power generation from Enercon’s Compak power supply models.