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UPM Raflatac introduces RP75

September 13, 2011

The adhesive is designed for immediate in-line label application on fresh-blown bottles and aims to eliminate work-in-process inventories for plastic bottle manufacturers.

UPM Raflatac has announced the release of RP75, a new adhesive for the Americas market designed for immediate application on fresh-blown, semi-squeezable and rigid polyolefin bottles. According to the company, fresh-blown bottle manufacturers have already tested this permanent adhesive against others available in the market and many have found that RP75 is their choice for delivering smooth finished labels – without any bubbling or darting – when applied to fresh-blown bottles.

RP75 aims to solve one of the packaging industry’s major problems: the need to remove fresh-blown bottles from an assembly line, cool them for 24 to 72 hours and then reload them onto label applicators; or else develop cumbersome workaround processes that increase staff labor. According to the company, RP75 allows packagers to decorate in-line, automating key processes and optimizing their operational efficiency. In its experience working with RP75, leading plastic bottle producer Silgan Plastics found that RP75 produced zero defects on its labeled bottles as compared to the bubbling or darting the company says occurs on up to 8 percent of all labeled polyolefin bottles sold in the marketplace today.

“With UPM Raflatac’s RP75 adhesive, Silgan Plastics has significantly streamlined its labeling processes and ended the material failures we experienced with other adhesives,” says Timothy Monacella, manager of decorating and intellectual property at Silgan Plastics. “RP75’s quality provides benefits to everyone in the value chain: from the manufacturers and converters who design packaging for world-renowned brands, to the global brand owners who seek products that present flawlessly on retail shelves.”

“RP75 is a true game-changer for the fresh-blown bottling industry,” says Patrick Goss, prime business director, UPM Raflatac Americas. “RP75 allows packagers to add value by decorating fresh-blown bottles in-line, while boosting their productivity and profitability.”

Tampere, Finland-based UPM Raflatac, part of UPM’s Engineered Materials business group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive label materials.