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Meech showcases new TakClean web cleaner

September 29, 2011

The new system uses adhesive coated sheets wrapped onto rollers to remove all unwanted particulate from a web.

Meech International, manufacturer of web cleaning systems, added a third product to its range – TakClean – that accompanies its ShearClean non-contact web cleaning system and its Tornado contact cleaning unit.

TakClean works by running the web through a pair of transfer rollers, whose surface is treated with silicone and a very light adhesive tack. These then move the collected debris to sheets of stronger adhesive wrapped around rollers. The sheets are perforated so that after cleaning they can be removed, given to the customer as proof of cleanliness, or discarded. “That depends on the company’s policy, the operator, or the customer,” said Adam Battrick, director.

The TakClean system can operate at a speed of 250 meters per minute. The ShearClean can run up to 550 m/m, and the Tornado can reach a speed of 1,200 m/m.
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