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Sonic Solutions enjoys another successful Europe show

September 29, 2011

By the middle of the second day of the four-day expo, the company had sold six anilox roll cleaning systems.

Sonic Solutions, a manufacturer of ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning systems based in the United States, continues its success at Labelexpo Europe this year. “Printers have taken notice of the value of our systems,” said Joe Walczak, president. “We don’t offer systems with unnecessary features. They are simple and they work, just like our customers.”

Walczak said he was surprised at the reception Sonic Solutions has had this year, considering the state of the world economy. “Everyone is looking for value,” he said, “so I can see why people are looking for us.”

Through the second day of Labelexpo, Sonic has sold six systems. On display at the show are two of the most common anilox cleaning systems: the SS-2800 and the most popular SS-6500. “Shows like this,” Walczak declared, “further prove that Sonic Solutions is a global organization working to help printers around the world.”
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