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Phoseon unveils three UV LED curing units

October 1, 2011

The FirePower family of water-cooled curing systems use less energy than conventional mercury vapor UV structures.

Phoseon Technology, maker of UV LED curing systems, introduced the water-cooled FirePower product family with three curing length options: 150x20 mm, 225x20 mm and 300x20mm.

FirePower contains Phoseon’s SLM technology, which provides high power 16 W/cm2 of UV LED light for maximum UV energy; sophisticated control electronics for simple system integration, and advanced structural capability for improved field serviceability.

“The three-product FirePower family provides breakthrough performance for system OEMs,” said President Bill Cortelyou. “These products prove that UV LEDs have the power and long-life capability to replace older mercury-based lamp technology. Current alpha-site customers are enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient, reliable and safe UV LED curing.”
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