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Channeled Resources now offering hotmelt adhesives

October 24, 2011

The recycled adhesives offer the market the hance to create economical pressure sensitive laminates.

Channeled Resources Group, based in Chicago, has added hotmelt adhesives to its portfolio of products for recycling and second use of the components of pressure sensitive labelstocks. Sourced from adhesive manufacturers or from pressure sensitive laminators, the adhesives can easily and safely enjoy a useful and cost-effective second life.

“It makes sense to close the pressure sensitive components loop,” says Calvin Frost, CEO of Channeled Resources. “We already recover and re-use surplus facestocks and release liners. Adding hotmelt adhesives to the equation enables us to offer the market the chance to create economical pressure sensitive laminates. Hotmelts have a long shelf life, and deliver low cost, general purpose performance; and with little or no solvent content, they are safe to handle and transport.”

The company established a special unit last year dedicated to collecting, storing, and shipping hotmelt adhesives for second use. Rich Hoffman, VP of global supply, says, “Emerging geographies – particularly China – are showing particular interest in the program. Hotmelts can be readily laminated with facestock and liner on small laminators, to create perfectly serviceable labels, especially for the variable information print and hand application markets.”